Sentence Examples

  • As Andrew became more and more sentient and manlike, the 'darky' treatment he was accorded by the humans in his life become more and more unnerving and distasteful.
  • Affo; Welsh epa; Old Bohemian op; a word of uncertain origin, possibly an imitation of the animal's chatter), the generic English name, till the 16th century, for animals of the monkey tribe, and still used specifically for the tailless, manlike representatives of the order Primates.
  • Experiment shows that in the manlike (anthropoid) apes the differentiation of the foci or "centres" of movement in the motor field of the cortex is even more minute.
  • The accompanying simple figure indicates better than any verbal description the topography of the main groups of foci in the motor field of a manlike ape (chimpanzee).
  • ANTHROPOID APES, or Manlike Apes, the name given to the family of the Simiidae, because, of all the ape-world, they most closely resemble man.