Sentence Examples

  • Birkenstock Boston Clog: What's great about this shoe is that you can choose among an oiled leather, suede or fabric upper and still get a manmade sole, adjustable straps and a shock-absorbing heel.
  • The ideas to solutions usually come by a natural association to either a manmade product or something in nature that performs the desired task, communicates a feeling, or evokes a certain emotion that I want my product to emulate.
  • LoveToKnow welcomes Tom Bischoff, President and CEO of DNA2Diamonds, to discuss the company's unique manmade diamonds and why couples should consider celebration diamonds for engagement rings.
  • The manmade gem is significantly heavier than diamond (65-75%), so weighing two stones of the same carat size would help determine which is CZ and which is diamond.
  • Natural fleece is made from sheep's wool, while synthetic fleece is a manmade product made from polyethylene terephthalate, more commonly known as plastic.