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Another word for unmanly

  1. Ignobly lacking in courage

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  2. Having qualities more appropriate to women than to men

      1. Of, characteristic of, or suitable to a woman, especially when considered inferior to a man:
      2. (Often pejorative) Characteristic of a woman; feminine; effeminate. [from 14th c.]
      3. Like, characteristic of, or suitable to a woman; feminine or effeminate
      1. (Gram.) Designating, of, or belonging to the gender of words denoting, or referring to, females as well as many other words to which no distinction of sex is attributed
      2. Suitable to or characteristic of a woman; womanly
      3. Having qualities regarded as characteristic of women and girls, as gentleness, weakness, delicacy, or modesty
      1. Having characteristics traditionally ascribed to the other sex, especially as a male who is considered to be effeminate.
      2. Designating a noun, as in Latin or Greek, having only one grammatical form to denote an individual of either sex
      3. Having no characteristics of either sex.
      1. Having or showing qualities or characteristics more often associated with females than males; unmanly:
      2. Characterized by such qualities; weak; soft, decadent, etc.
      3. Having the qualities generally attributed to women, as weakness, timidity, delicacy, etc.; unmanly; not virile
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Another word for unmanly