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Another word for effeminate

  1. Having qualities more appropriate to women than to men

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Another word for effeminate

      1. Having characteristics of both sexes.
      2. Having characteristics traditionally ascribed to the other sex, especially as a male who is considered to be effeminate.
      3. Having no characteristics of either sex.
      1. To castrate.
      2. To deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.
      3. Deprived of virility, strength, or vigor.
      1. Of, characteristic of, or suitable to a woman, especially when considered inferior to a man:
      2. Imitative or suggestive of a woman rather than a man:
      1. Uncharacteristic of, unbecoming to, or degrading to a man, especially in not conforming to stereotypical masculine traits such as stoicism and independence.