Sentence Examples

  • If there be any sour or sodden or effete soil into which the roots have not run, this should be carefully picked out with a pointed stick.
  • The Revolution, according to him, meant the sweeping away of effete beliefs and institutions, but implied also the necessity of a reconstructive process.
  • The fruit of his policy, which made of Rome a counterpoise against the effete empire of the Greeks upon the one hand and against the pressure of the feudal kingdom on the other, was seen in the succeeding century.
  • That is, logic is grounded by them, not upon an effete tradition but upon a new investigation of thought as it actually is in its psychological foundations, in its significance for knowledge, and its actual operation in scientific methods."
  • There was no actual religious war; all sectarian distinction had been disavowed; the contest was between vigorous Mahommedans and effete Mabommedans.