Sentence Examples

  • The downside of this Act is that while it protects employees who are at risk of suddenly losing health insurance for themselves and their families, the price is sometimes unmanageable for many former employees.
  • While styling layers can be much easier than dealing with unmanageable bulk, plenty of people have trouble in the mere beginning as they get used to working with round brushes and flat irons.
  • Many patients undergoing chemotherapy will develop Hand Foot Syndrome, meaning that their hands and feet will eventually crack and peel to the point where daily tasks become unmanageable.
  • With increase in depth, however, the thickness and weight of the cast iron tubbing in a large shaft become almost unmanageable; in one instance, at a depth of 1215 f t., the bottom rings in a shaft 142 ft.
  • The great size and weight of such drums are also disadvantages, as giving rather unmanageable dimensions in a very deep pit.