Sentence Examples

  • "God be thanked," thought the overseer, "the storm has blown over!"
  • In 1884-1890 he was an overseer of Harvard College.
  • Bancroft was "the chief overseer" of the authorized version of the Bible.
  • The members of this ecclesiola in ecclesia pledged themselves "to join together in the Christian profession, to follow Christ the Lord as the righteousness of his people, to walk together in brotherly love, and in the duties of it, in subjection to Mr Glas as their overseer in the Lord, to observe the ordinance of the Lord's Supper once every month, to submit themselves to the Lord's law for removing offences," &c. (Matt.
  • Being much excited by the first events of the Revolution, he gave up his desk to enter a printer's office, and by 1791 he was overseer of the printing department of the Moniteur.