Sentence Examples

  • Dozy, aeiden, 1846).
  • Abdulwahid's History of the Almohades, written in 1224, was published by Dozy (2nd ed., 1881).
  • 1260) Biographical aexicon, already 1 Of this work the Gotha aibrary has a portion containing 290-320 A.H., of which the part about the West has been printed by Dozy in the Bayan, and the rest was published at aeiden in 1897.
  • Ibn `Adhari's History of Africa and Spain has been published by Dozy (2 vols., aeiden, 1848-1851), and the Qartas of Ibn abi Zar` by Tornberg (1843).
  • De l'Afrique, &c., by Dozy and De Goeje, Leiden, 1866) belong to the loth, nth and 12th centuries respectively; the history of Ibn Khaldun (Hist.