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Another word for entity

  1. One that exists independently

      1. (--- Law) That which can be possessed or owned:
      2. Something referred to by a word, symbol, sign, or idea; a referent.
      3. (Informal) Used to refer to something with disapproval or contempt:
      1. An unspecified or undetermined amount or extent:
      2. A thing that is not definitely known, understood, or identified; some undetermined thing
      3. A remarkable or important thing or person:
      1. (Philosophy) Something intelligible or perceptible by the mind.
      2. Something perceptible by one or more of the senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing.
      3. A person or thing to which action, thought, or feeling is directed
      1. A single thing, being, or organism, esp., when regarded as a member of a class, species, group, etc.
      2. A person
      3. A human regarded as a distinctive or unique personality:
      1. The fact or state of continued being; life:
      2. A mode or manner of existing:
      3. A being; entity; thing that exists
      1. All the qualities constituting one that exists; the essence:
      2. The state or fact of existence, consciousness, or life, or something in such a state.
      3. A person:
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  2. An organized array of individual elements and parts forming and working as a unit

      1. A number, group, set, or thing lacking no part or element; a complete thing.
      2. A thing complete in itself, or a complete organization of integrated parts; a unity, entirety, or system
      3. An entity or system made up of interrelated parts:
      1. An aggregate quantity obtained by addition
      2. The fact or condition of being total; entirety
      3. The quality or state of being total:
      1. A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.
      2. A network of structures and channels, as for communication, travel, or distribution:
      3. An organism as a whole, especially with regard to its vital processes or functions:
      1. (--- Old-fashioned) A series of numbers to be added together, or any problem in arithmetic
      2. The limit of the sum of the first n terms of an infinite series as n grows indefinitely
      3. The whole amount; totality; aggregate
      1. A definite integral.
      2. (Mathematics) A number computed by a limiting process in which the domain of a function, often an interval or planar region, is divided into arbitrarily small units, the value of the function at a point in each unit is multiplied by the linear or areal measurement of that unit, and all such products are summed.
      3. A whole
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  3. The fact or state of existing or of being actual

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Another word for entity

  1. Essence

      1. All the qualities constituting one that exists; the essence:
      2. That which exists, can exist, or can be logically conceived
      3. The state or fact of existing or living; existence or life
      1. The state of existing; existence
      2. (Historical) a short early motion picture
      3. An actual thing or condition; fact
      1. A drug, chemical, or other material (such as glue) that one is dependent on or uses habitually and that is often illegal or subject to government regulation:
      2. The physical matter of which a thing consists; material
      3. Material possessions; goods; wealth:
      1. Specific presence; occurrence:
      2. All that exists:
      3. A mode or manner of existing:
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  2. Something real in itself

      1. (Gram.) Any one of the words a, an, or the (and their equivalents in other languages), used as adjectives: a and an are the indefinite articles and the is the definite article
      2. An individual thing or element of a class; a particular object or item:
      3. A thing for sale; commodity
      1. A short piece in a newspaper or magazine.
      2. A single article or unit in a collection, enumeration, or series.
      3. An article; unit; separate thing; particular; entry in an account
      1. (Computers) A discrete item than can be selected and maneuvered, such as an onscreen graphic.
      2. Something perceptible by one or more of the senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing.
      3. A thing that can be seen or touched; material thing that occupies space
      1. Possessions, including clothing; belongings:
      2. (Informal) A complex, often neurotic liking, fear, aversion, etc. with regard to some person, thing, or activity
      3. An object or entity that is not or cannot be named specifically:
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