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Another word for steward

  1. A manager

      1. (Linguistics) The argument that expresses the means or cause of an action or event described by a phrase or clause. The noun John is the agent in the clause John threw the ball.
      2. A representative or official of a government or administrative department of a government:
      3. A force or substance that causes a change:
      1. An officer who manages the household of a sovereign or noble; a chief steward.
      2. (Roman Catholic Church) A papal gentleman. No longer in use.
      3. An officer in charge of the household of a ruler or lord; steward
      1. The officer in charge of money matters on board a ship or commercial aircraft.
      2. The person responsible for handling the accounts on a ship, or for dealing with the passengers on a ship or aircraft.
      3. A ship's officer in charge of accounts, tickets, etc., esp. on a passenger vessel
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  2. An attendant

      1. A man who waits on tables, as in a restaurant
      2. A person who waits or awaits
      3. One who serves at a table, as in a restaurant.
      1. A woman who waits on tables, as in a restaurant
      2. A female attendant who serves customers in a restaurant, café, or similar.
      1. A dark-brown beer made from charred or browned malt and produced by rapid fermentation at a relatively high temperature
      2. One in charge of a gate or door.
      3. A person employed to carry burdens, especially an attendant who carries travelers' baggage at a hotel or transportation station.
      1. A person who assists passengers in an aircraft.
      2. An attendant on an airplane, employed to look after the passengers' comfort and safety
      3. A member of the crew (staff) of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers.
      1. A female flight attendant
      2. A woman flight attendant.
      1. One that furnishes facilities and resources for a function or event:
      2. An organization, municipality, etc. providing the site and services for a competition or event
      3. (Radio, TV) The person who conducts a program that features conversation, interviews, etc.
      1. A woman who receives or entertains guests in a social or official capacity.
      2. A woman who is the emcee or interviewer on a radio or television program.
      3. A woman who entertains guests either at home or elsewhere; sometimes, the wife of a host
      1. A maître d'hôtel.
      2. Alternative spelling of maître d'.
      3. A headwaiter, as of an upscale restaurant