Sentence Examples

  • (e) Finally, the recurrence of similar historical situations in Judaean history must be considered.
  • The rare recurrence of the same inspectors would obviously facilitate fraud, if any such were intended.
  • No candidate living could have secured the succession without a recurrence of civil war.
  • These European Leleges must be interpreted in connexion with the recurrence of place names like Pedasus, Physcus, Larymna and Abae, (a) in Caria, and (b) in the "Lelegian" parts of Greece; perhaps this is the result of some early migration; perhaps it is also the cause of these Lelegian theories.
  • In medical science, the term "malignant" is applied to a particularly virulent or dangerous form which a disease may take, or to a tumour or growth of rapid growth, extension to the lymphatic glands, and recurrence after operation.