Sentence Examples

  • In 1343 appointed, by the bull Unigenitus Dei filius, that the jubilee should recur every fifty years instead of every hundred years as had been originally contemplated in the constitution of Boniface; Urban VI., who was badly in need of money, by the bull Salvator foster ij1 1389 reduced the interval still further to thirty-three years (the supposed duration of the earthly life of Christ); and Paul II.
  • Also the variations recur with perfect regularity.
  • Following the chronological order we are here adopting, we next have to recur to the labours of Nitzsch, who, in 1820, in a treatise on the nasal glands of birds - a subject that Nitzsch had already attracted the attention of Jacobson (Nouv.
  • At Winsford, where the same formation seems to recur, it is 159 yds.
  • Similar situations recur in the reigns of Ahaz and Jehoram.