Bow Synonyms and Antonyms

Something bent
  1. bend
  2. longbow
  3. self-bow
  4. union bow
  5. crossbow
  6. single-piece bow
  7. crook
  8. back bow
  9. stone-bow
  10. curvature
  11. arbalest
  12. arbalist
  13. arc
  14. curtain-call
  15. accept praise
  16. curve
  17. be congratulated
  18. feel honored
  19. acknowledge applause
  20. round
  21. bow
  22. turn
Front of a boat
To incline the body
A bend from the waist
  1. straighten
To conform to the will or judgment of another, especially out of respect or courtesy
To yield in defeat or out of courtesy; submit.
  1. yield
  1. arched
  2. arcuate
  3. bent
  4. bowed
  5. inclined
  6. kyphotic
  7. semierect
  8. stooped

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