Sentence Examples

  • Finally, girl's slips can typically be found in the children's department of department stores, but you can also order them online at sites like the following:The Rosey Bear Boutique - Find slips, bloomers, and even petticoats at this site.
  • Zhu Zhu pets deluxe city sky mall set includes two hamsters, a Metro Lift Elevator, Mall Pet Shop, Overpass Tunnels, U-turn, Y-intersection, Red Sports Car with garage, either a Fashion Boutique or Hair Salon, and a Movie Theater.
  • Parents can choose to shop at a discount department store for their children's clothing needs, but if they have the means, they could also decide to outfit their youngsters at an upscale boutique that carries only premium brands.
  • Her Room doesn't have the largest selection or a wide array of sizes, but what you can count on at this online intimates boutique is to get your hands on merchandise that is discontinued, out of stock or not on season.
  • Perhaps finding out more about the girls' clothing boutique, Dash, or whether the stripper pole that the girls bought for mom and step-dad's anniversary goes to use, will be enough to keep numbers up during season two.