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Another word for ship

  1. To cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

      1. To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey.
      2. To cause to spread; pass on:
      3. To impart or convey to others by heredity.
      1. To cause to be conveyed by an intermediary to a destination:
      2. To dispatch, as by a communications medium:
      3. To direct to go on a mission:
      1. A road, course, or way for travel from one place to another:
      2. A highway:
      3. A fixed course or territory assigned to a salesperson or delivery person.
      1. At, near, or belonging to the front or forepart; fore:
      2. Located ahead or in advance:
      3. Going, tending, or moving toward a position in front:
      1. To relegate to a specific destination or send on specific business.
      2. To complete, transact, or dispose of promptly:
      3. To eat up (food); finish off (a dish or meal).
      1. To give over to the care or custody of another.
      2. To put in or assign to an unfavorable place, position, or condition:
      3. To set apart, as for a special use or purpose; assign:
      1. To speak to:
      2. To make a formal speech to:
      3. To direct (a spoken or written message) to the attention of:
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Another word for ship

      1. Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency.
      2. Skill in evasion or deception; guile.
      3. An occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or skilled artistry.
      1. A hollow utensil, such as a cup, vase, or pitcher, used as a container, especially for liquids.
      2. A craft, especially one larger than a rowboat, designed to navigate on water.
      3. An airship.
      1. A relatively small, usually open craft of a size that might be carried aboard a ship.
      2. An inland vessel of any size.
      3. A ship or submarine.
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