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Another word for boat

      1. (Anatomy) A duct, canal, or other tube that contains or conveys a body fluid:
      2. A person seen as the agent or embodiment, as of a quality:
      3. (--- Nautical) A craft, especially one larger than a rowboat, designed to navigate on water.
      1. A small vessel that is propelled by oars or sails.
      2. A specific kind of bark used for a special purpose, as in tanning or medicine.
      3. The tough outer covering of the woody stems and roots of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. It includes all tissues outside the vascular cambium.
      1. A small boat propelled partially or wholly by sail.
      2. A boat propelled by sails.
      3. A boat having a sail or sails by means of which it is propelled
      1. Any of various relatively small vessels designed primarily for pleasure cruising
      1. A boat or vessel propelled by steam power.
      2. A steamship, esp. a relatively small one for use on inland waterways
      1. The practitioners of such an occupation or trade considered as a group.
      2. Any occupation or avocation requiring special skills, especially manual ones, including carpentry, sewing, pottery, etc.
      3. Any of various hobbies in which things are made by hand, including painting, origami, scrapbooking, etc.
      1. Skill in handling boats or ships
      2. A boat, ship, sea scooter, or similar vehicle.
      3. Water vehicles considered as a group.
      1. The deepest or lowest part:
      2. The lowest or least favorable position:
      3. The underside:
      1. One, such as a person or object, that is bulky, clumsy, or unwieldy.
      2. A wrecked or abandoned shell of a usually large object, such as a building or vehicle.
      3. A non-functional, but floating ship, usually stripped of rigging and equipment, and often put to other uses such as storage or accommodation.
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