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Another word for raft

      1. A large tree, Ochroma lagopus, native to tropical America, with wood that is very light in weight.
      2. A raft consisting of a frame fastened to buoyant cylinders of wood or metal.
      3. A tropical American tree (Ochroma pyramidale) having soft wood that is very light in weight and is used as a substitute for cork in insulation, floats, and crafts such as model airplanes.
      1. A small raft, now usually inflatable, for use as an emergency craft at sea
      1. A raft of logs or floats lashed together and propelled by paddles or sails.
      2. A boat with two parallel hulls or floats, especially a light sailboat with a mast mounted on a transverse frame joining the hulls.
      3. A small rectangular raft used in dockyards to protect the hulls of large ships.
      1. A large, open barge used chiefly to load or unload ships anchored in a harbor
      2. A large flatbottom barge, especially one used to deliver or unload goods to or from a cargo ship or transport goods over short distances.
      3. A flat-bottomed boat for carrying heavy loads across short distances (especially for canals or for loading or unloading larger boats).
      1. A flat-bottomed boat
      2. A floating structure serving as a dock.
      3. A floating structure, such as a flatbottom boat, used to support a bridge.
      1. A raftlike platform anchored near a shore, as for use by swimmers
      2. A floating ball or device that regulates the valve controlling water level, as in a tank, or fuel supply, as in a carburetor
      3. A cold beverage, typically a soft drink, served with a scoop of ice cream in it
      1. A long, large, usually flatbottom boat for transporting freight that is generally unpowered and towed or pushed by other craft.
      2. A large, open pleasure boat used for parties, pageants, or formal ceremonies.
      3. A boat reserved for the use of a flag officer
      1. A boxy, flat-bottomed boat used for carrying livestock, freight, and people on rivers.
      2. A boat with a flat bottom, for carrying freight in shallow waters or on rivers
      3. A boat with a flat bottom and square ends used for transporting freight on inland waterways.
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