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Another word for nod

  1. To respond affirmatively; receive with agreement or compliance

      1. To arrive at or come into an office or dignity:
      2. To give one's consent, often at the insistence of another:
      3. To give assent; give in; agree (to)
      1. To receive a transplanted organ or tissue without immunological rejection.
      2. To answer affirmatively:
      3. To endure resignedly or patiently:
      1. To consent or comply passively or without protest:
      1. To grant or acknowledge
      2. To express consent; concur:
      3. To consent or accede (to); say “yes”
      1. To admit a thing as true.
      2. To express acceptance of an opinion, proposal, etc.; agree (to); concur
      3. To agree to, give approval.
      1. To give permission, approval, or assent (to something proposed or requested) in opinion
      2. To give assent, as to the proposal of another; agree:
      3. (Obs.) To agree
      1. To give support, sanction, or approval; consent or agree (to)
      2. To support; consent to; favor; sanction
      3. To write one's signature on (a document, etc.) as an indication of consent, approval, attestation, etc.
      1. To give an affirmative reply to.
      2. It is so; as you say or ask. Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive confirmation, or consent.
      3. To say yes (to)
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  2. To sleep for a brief period.

  1. An inclination of the head or body, as in greeting, consent, courtesy, submission, or worship

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  2. The act or process of accepting

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Another word for nod

  1. A slight bow

      1. (--- Linguistics) A part of a phrase or sentence that is unstressed or less strongly stressed relative to surrounding words, as the words I and to in I have to go.
      2. (Physics) The deviation of a dip needle from the horizontal
      3. (Sports) A gymnastic exercise on the parallel bars in which the body is lowered by bending the elbows until the chin reaches the level of the bars and then is raised by straightening the arms.
      1. Any action, practice, or thing, toward which one is inclined
      2. The extent or degree of incline from a horizontal or vertical position, course, etc.
      3. A deviation or the degree of deviation from the horizontal or vertical; a slant:
      1. A message of regards from someone absent
      2. The act or words of a person who greets; salutation; welcome
      3. A conventional phrase used to start a letter or conversation or otherwise to acknowledge a person's arrival or presence.
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  2. *Approval; usually used with the

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  1. To make a nodding movement

  2. To become sleepy or inattentive

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