Sentence Examples

  • The fundamental mode has that node only.
  • The next mode has a second node 0.226 from the free end; the next, nodes at 0.132 and 0 .
  • In many of those ants whose third abdominal segment forms a second " node," the basal dorsal region of the fourth segment is traversed by a large number of very fine transverse striations; over these the sharp hinder edge of the third segment can be scraped to and fro, and the result is a stridulating organ which gives rise to a note of very high pitch.
  • From the observed motion of the node of Venus, as shown by the four transits of 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882, is found Mass of (earth +moon) _Mass of sun 332600 In gravitational units of mass, based on the metre and second as units of length and time, Log.
  • We may represent the displacement due to one of the trains by y l =a sin 2 i (24) where x is measured as in equation (16) from an ascending node as A in fig.