Sentence Examples

  • From within X-Designer, you can turn a widget hierarchy into a definition to be used later in other designs.
  • However, there's also a more interesting Web 2.0-ish aspect to it - a small pull-out window on the bottom of the widget turns Arfie into an "internet watchdog," providing a live feed of other DogPile searches throughout the Internet.
  • It makes all kinds of information easy to find - including a Google Map widget, which subtly shows their awareness of web 2.0 media, and their blog is full of helpful informative posts that do not seem like simply an infomercial.
  • Music: Links to where you can purchase the film's soundtrack, the music video for Leona Lewis' song featured in the end credits of the movie, "I See You," and a desktop widget are all available through this link.
  • You figure out how to make your widget from this new plastic.