Sentence Examples

  • But in the long run, the unoriginal gimmick of having monsters routinely jump out from every suspicious dark corner is used so often that the tension eventually wears off and it all becomes nothing more than a nuisance.
  • Graphics on the Wii are considerably worse than that offered on the other two machines, and hardcore gamers dismissed the Wii (codenamed Revolution during development) as little more than a gimmick.
  • If you're looking for the best exercise to flatten the tummy, then you need to consider your own fitness goals and exercise preferences before you spend money on the latest gadget or gimmick.
  • When families were reunited, they met up underneath the symbolic "family tree," a large tree that Find My Family used as a gimmick to try and add meaning to these already touching scenes.
  • Thus, all the potential for greatness that would have set the Wii version of DDR apart and above the others is squandered on what feels more like a cheap gimmick than anything else.