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Another word for network

  1. An open fabric woven of strands that are interlaced and knotted at usually regular intervals

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  2. An interwoven or interrelated number of things

      1. (Comput., proper) World Wide Web
      2. Something intricately contrived, especially something that ensnares or entangles:
      3. A complex, interconnected structure or arrangement:
      1. Any of the distinct structural materials of an organism, having a particular function
      2. An interwoven or interrelated number of things; a web; a network:
      3. An interwoven or intricate mass or series; mesh; network; web
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Another word for network

  1. System of channels

      1. Land covered with a dense growth of tropical vegetation.
      2. Land in a wet, tropical region, usually with large trees, dense underbrush, and a hot climate
      3. A form of electronic dance music originating in England in the early 1990s, that blends elements of hip hop, reggae, techno, and house music, emphasizing fast tempos, heavy, elongated bass beats, and highly syncopated, complicated breakbeats and rhythms
      1. The condition, manner, or result of being arranged; disposal:
      2. The composition as thus adapted
      3. A collection of things that have been arranged:
      1. A main road or channel
      2. A major route of transportation into which local routes flow:
      3. (Anatomy) Any of the muscular elastic tubes that form a branching system and that carry blood away from the heart to the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.
      1. A reticle.
      2. A drawstring handbag or purse.
      3. A woman's small handbag, originally made of netting and usually having a drawstring
      1. A complicated, perplexing arrangement, course of affairs, etc.
      2. Something highly intricate or convoluted in character, composition, or construction:
      3. A structure consisting of an intricate network of winding passages bordered as by walls or hedges; specif., such a structure designed for prayer and meditation: technically, a labyrinth (unlike a maze) contains no dead ends and consists of a single path leading to a center
      1. Harmonious interaction or order:
      2. An organism as a whole, especially with regard to its vital processes or functions:
      3. An arrangement or configuration of classification or measurement:
      1. The point of interconnection between entities.
      2. (Comput.) A point or means of interaction between two or more systems, components of a computer system, or the system and a user
      3. (Computing) The point of interconnection between systems or subsystems.
      1. (Plural only) Formal lines of command and procedure.
      2. Plural form of channel
      1. The design of or a detailed plan for an electric circuit.
      2. Electrical circuits considered as a group
      3. A specific system of such circuits in a particular device; the design of such a system
      1. Railroad tracks; the rails on which trains run.
      2. Plural form of track
  2. Netting

      1. (Uncountable) Mesh material that is used to screen (as in a "screen door").
      2. A special, often private, showing of a film as for critics, exhibitors, etc.
      3. Material separated out by a sifting screen
      1. Material used for such construction.
      2. (Austral.) Any of various acacias: the flexible branches were much used by early settlers for making wattles
      3. A fleshy, wrinkled, often brightly colored piece of skin which hangs from the chin or throat of certain birds, as the turkey, or of some lizards
      1. A grille, or something worked into the form of a grille
      2. Material formed into grilles or a grille.
      3. The mesh of metal wire or bars which makes up a decorative metal grating
      1. A combination of interlaced parts; a network.
      2. (Anat.) A network of blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerves, etc.
      3. A structure in the form of a network, especially of nerves, blood vessels, or lymphatics:
      1. A netlike, woven material, as that used for stockings
      2. A structure of interlocking metal links
      3. An openwork fabric or structure; a net or network:
      1. The action of the verb to knit; the process of producing knitted material.
      2. The act or process of producing something knitted.
      3. Material that has been knitted or is being knitted.
      1. A method, manner, or pattern of weaving
      2. The interlacing of strands of natural or synthetic hair with a person's own hair, as to create a longer or fuller style
      3. The pattern, method of weaving, or construction of a fabric:
      1. A natural or synthetic filament, as of cotton or nylon, capable of being spun into yarn.
      2. Any of various elongated cells or threadlike structures, especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber.
      3. The texture of something
      1. A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers.
      2. The style or plan of construction
      3. The texture of such material