Sentence Examples

  • For some children with autism, the repeated, active interaction provided by intensive educational/behavioral therapy may modify their neural circuitry before it goes too much awry, correcting it before autism becomes permanent.
  • Once the light pattern is represented as electrons, then the circuitry inside the goggles is able to multiply the intensity of that pattern by using special electrical fields that "accelerate" the electrons.
  • With fun colors and innovative designs, including watches with the circuitry contained in the strap, Fossil watches for ladies designed by Philippe Starck stand out in a crowd.
  • The miniaturization of computer processors and circuitry presents the possibility of tremendous processing and "thinking" power in a very small package.
  • It may be that your type of house circuitry just couldn't handle everything that went on when you used the toaster oven and had to relieve the strain.