Sentence Examples

  • A used trailer is an extension of the vehicle you are pulling it with, so ensure the brake lights and the rest of the wiring works properly so when it's time to get it inspected for a plate,the trailerwill pass.
  • Windmill Nacelle: Normally, the nacelle contains a gearbox that enables rotation of the blades, including copper wiring and magnets that help power the blades and convert the captured energy to electricity.
  • For instance, while it lists electrical problems that individuals should troubleshoot, it recommends that home buyers pay attention only to the basics, such as obvious wiring problem and sloping drains.
  • It has departments of pharmacy, chemistry, electrical wiring, lithography, house-painting, printing, carpentry, moulding, tile-setting, bricklaying, machinery and applied science.
  • Suppose it is desired to measure the insulation-resistance of a system of electric house wiring; the ohmmeter circuits are then joined up as shown in fig.