Wiring Synonyms

The process of installing wires
  1. electrification
  2. electrifying
  3. installation of wire
  4. preparation for electric service
  5. doing the wiring
Installed wires
  1. wirework
  2. electric line
  3. cable work
  4. cables
  5. electric installations
  6. facilities for electric power
  7. facilities for electric light
  1. circuit system
  2. filamentation
  3. wireworks
  4. electrical wire distribution
  5. tubing
  6. circuit pattern
  7. circuiting
  8. threading
  9. process
  10. route
  11. line
  12. path
  13. pattern
  14. trail
Send cables, wires, or telegrams
Equip for use with electricity
  1. electrifying

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