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Another word for nexus

  1. That which unites or binds

      1. Something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie.
      2. (Electronics) A series of two or more magnetic recording heads fastened securely together for playing or recording on more than one track simultaneously.
      3. A wooden frame or bar with loops or bows at either end, fitted around the necks of a pair of oxen, etc. for harnessing them together
      1. (Math.) A line drawn over two or more terms of a compound quantity to show that they are to be treated together (Ex.: a − x + y)
      2. (Anat.) A band or connecting fold
      3. That which binds; bond; tie
      1. Something that connects, binds, or joins; bond; link
      2. One of the timbers or slabs of concrete laid across a railroad bed to support the rails.
      3. A string, lace, cord, etc. used to tie things
      1. (Computers) A graphical item or segment of text in a webpage or other electronic document that, when clicked, causes another webpage or section of the same webpage to be displayed:
      2. A connecting element; a tie or bond:
      3. Cuff link
      1. A curved line connecting such letters in writing
      2. A thing used in tying or binding together
      3. (Music) A group of notes intended to be played or sung as one phrase.
      1. (Anatomy) A sheet or band of tough, fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages at a joint or supporting an organ.
      2. A bond or tie connecting one thing with another
      3. A unifying or connecting tie or bond.
      1. A decorative bow of ribbon, fabric, or braid.
      2. The round, often darker cross section of such a lump as it appears on a piece of cut lumber.
      3. An ornamental bow of ribbon or twist of braid; cockade; epaulet
      1. A substance or device, as glue, solder, or a chain, which holds things together or unites them
      2. (Masonry) The way in which bricks, stones, etc. are lapped upon one another in building
      3. A uniting force or tie; a link:
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