Sentence Examples

  • One of the key features of alarm clocks with programmable snoozes is that the amount of time between the first alarm and the resounding of the second or subsequent alarms after a snooze can be programmed and customized.
  • The Clocky run-away alarm clock gives you one chance to turn it off, but if you keep hitting the snooze button that is when he will jump from your bedside table, landing on large wheels and roll away.
  • A key wound clock works anywhere without any fears of it stopping - making it ideal for traveling or simply for taking into the garden to wake you up after an afternoon snooze.
  • If you ignore the alarm and choose to snooze, the Clocky will actually roll itself off your bedside table and proceed to roll around in the room, hiding in some unknown crevice until you go to turn it off.
  • No matter how your home is decorated or what size your dog is, you're sure to find a comfortable and attractive dog bed that will allow your canine companion to snooze in style!