Straight Synonyms and Antonyms

Not curved or twisted
  1. smooth
  2. even
  3. level
  4. rectilinear
  5. vertical
  6. perpendicular
  7. rectilineal
  8. plumb
  9. upright
  10. erect
  11. flat
  12. in line with
  13. unbent
  14. in a line
  15. on a line
  16. flush
  17. in-a-row
  18. inflexible
  19. undeviating
  20. square
  21. obey the law
  22. avoid crime
  23. planar
  24. live a decent life
  25. good-conduct
  26. proper behavior
  27. righteousness
  28. plane
  29. morality
A hand consisting of five cards in sequence, but not all in the same suit: it ranks just above three of a kind and below a flush
No longer coiled
  1. uncoiled

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