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Another word for concentrated

  1. Not diffused or dispersed

  2. Intensely sustained, especially in activity

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  3. Having a high concentration of the distinguishing ingredient

      1. Physically powerful; capable of exerting great physical force.
      2. Marked by great physical power:
      3. In good or sound health; robust:
      1. Difficult to bend or fold:
      2. Not moving or operating easily or freely; resistant:
      3. Lacking ease or comfort of movement; not limber:
      1. Possessing inner or physical strength; powerful.
      2. Exerting or capable of exerting strong physiological or chemical effects:
      3. Exerting or capable of exerting strong influence; cogent:
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Another word for concentrated

  1. Undiluted

  2. Intense

      1. Resistant to pressure; not readily penetrated; firm or solid:
      2. Well protected from an attack, as by aerial bombardment:
      3. Requiring great effort or endurance:
      1. Extending far downward below a surface:
      2. Extending far inward from an outer surface:
      3. Extending far backward from front to rear:
      1. Of, relating to, or characterized by intensity:
      2. Tending to emphasize or intensify:
      3. Possessing or requiring to a high degree. Often used in combination:
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