Sentence Examples

  • The outer surface of many of the species presents likewise the most exquisite sculpture, heightened by brilliant shades, or spots of green, red, yellow and bluish black.
  • I'd put all of us at a heightened risk with my call.
  • These dramas, which deal with religious and historical subjects, are of Indian origin, and somewhat resemble the mystery-plays of medieval Europe, a resemblance heightened by the introduction, due to Spanish missionaries, of Christian saints and heroes such asCharlemagne.
  • One aspect of this derangement, named by Luciani astasia, is a tremor heightened by or only appearing when the muscles enter upon action - "intention tremor."
  • Many of his eccentricities, both of conduct and opinion, appear less remarkable to us than they did to his contemporaries; moreover, he seems to have heightened the impression of them by his humorous sallies in their defence.