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Another word for shove

  1. To force to move or advance with or as if with blows or pressure

  2. To cause to stick out

      1. To live or move slowly or lazily; loiter; putter; dawdle
      2. To push or jab at, as with a finger or an arm; prod.
      3. To push or jab with a stick, finger, etc.; prod
      1. To thrust, shove, or drive (up, down, in, out, etc.)
      2. To move (something) by exerting force against it; thrust or shove:
      3. To move by being pushed
      1. To push or shove against something
      2. To push with sudden force; shove; drive
      3. To push or drive quickly and forcefully:
  3. To do or achieve by forcing obstacles out of one's way

      1. To move by applying pressure:
      2. To insist upon or put forward insistently:
      3. (Basketball) To employ a press.
      1. To exert downward pressure on (a button or keyboard, for example); press.
      2. To press against a thing so as to move it
      3. To urge on; impel; press
      1. To strike or drive against with a heavy impact; butt:
      2. To force into place; press or drive down
      3. To move rapidly
  4. To force one's way into a place or situation

      1. To apply pressure against (something), especially for the purpose of moving it:
      2. To move by being pushed
      3. (--- Slang) To sell (a narcotic) illegally:
      1. (Informal) To make one's way or take control by sheer strength or force, or threats of force
      2. To move (something) by, or as by, muscular exertion
      3. To move or force with strength:
  1. An act or instance of using force so as to propel ahead

      1. A mound of earth, bales of straw, etc. behind a target, for receiving fired rounds or shot arrows
      2. A push or blow with the head or horns.
      3. A thrust in fencing
      1. The act of pushing; a thrust:
      2. The act of pressing:
      3. A provocation to action; a stimulus:
      1. (Geol.) An almost horizontal fault in which the hanging wall seems to have been pushed upward in relation to the footwall
      2. A forceful shove or push:
      3. A sudden, forceful push or shove

Another word for shove