Sentence Examples

  • However, there are reasons why a rise in heterosexual STIS need not foreshadow a rise in heterosexual HIV.
  • Though it's not inevitable, interracial lesbians could face several issues during the course of their relationship, including those that heterosexual interracial couples face as well as the unique challenges homosexual couples are met with.
  • Many experts believe sexual orientation, whether homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual, is determined by a complex interaction between anatomical and hormonal influences during fetal development.
  • Sexual orientation-The direction of somebody's sexual desire, toward people of the opposite sex (heterosexual or straight) or of the same sex (homosexual or gay), or of both sexes (bisexual).
  • Even if a "real" single lady comes onto a line designed for heterosexual couples, there are so many "fakes" that it becomes impossible to know who to trust - and certainly the odds are slim.