Sentence Examples

  • However, there are reasons why a rise in heterosexual STIS need not foreshadow a rise in heterosexual HIV.
  • Even if a "real" single lady comes onto a line designed for heterosexual couples, there are so many "fakes" that it becomes impossible to know who to trust - and certainly the odds are slim.
  • This body of work, whether in textbooks or simply on the web is very helpful for young women who are looking for role models to identify with in a predominantly heterosexual world.
  • Gay and bisexual male teens, which represent about 10 percent of the male teen population, are six to seven times more at risk for attempting suicide than their heterosexual peers.
  • Though it's not inevitable, interracial lesbians could face several issues during the course of their relationship, including those that heterosexual interracial couples face as well as the unique challenges homosexual couples are met with.