Sentence Examples

  • This song has a foot placed squarely in the New Order-esque camp, but lucky you - if you follow the link above, you'll get to sample ten more Goldfrapp songs, so you can see which Goldfrapp incarnation is the one for you.
  • Jantzen Curveallure Solid Tank: True to its name, you like the fact that this top conforms to your figure, and because of its deep V-neck and ruffled style, the attention is placed squarely on your cleavage, not your tummy.
  • "Mr. Cooms hit the nail squarely when he cautioned us to be careful," my wife said.
  • The range is squarely transected by the Columbia river, which bears every appearance of antecedent origin:
  • This must be carefully done so as to make them stand squarely and firmly on their Lase, in order that they may not rock and give a slur in printing.