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Another word for blunt

  1. Not physically sharp or keen

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  2. Rudely unceremonious

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  1. To make or become less sharp-edged

  2. To render less sensitive

Another word for blunt


Synonym Study

  • Gruff suggests bad temper and roughness of speech and manner, connoting, in addition, a harshness or throatiness in utterance a gruff sergeant See also syn. study at dull.
  • Curt suggests a terseness of expression that implies a lack of tact or courtesy a curt dismissal
  • Brusque implies apparent rudeness, as evidenced by abruptness of speech or behavior a brusque rejection
  • Bluff suggests a coarse heartiness of manner and a good nature that causes the candor to seem inoffensive a bluff old gardener
  • Blunt implies a candor and tactlessness that show little regard for another's feelings "You're a fool," was his blunt reply