Sentence Examples

  • Children with pituitary dwarfism may face thoughtless comments from others on occasion, and the parents' reaction to such comments can strongly determine how the child feels about himself or herself.
  • With Spears' losing points with Forbes, it is not surprising that she is planning on going back to work as soon as possible - dazzling fans with suggestive costumes, thoughtless comments, bubble gum lyrics, and high energy dancing.
  • And can't sustain, like one half could" while he spits out decidedly unintelligent and thoughtless spoken words like referring to his private parts as "white supremacist."
  • According to, Baldwin called her a "thoughtless little pig" and berated her for not answering her phone.
  • Naïve because you knew your intentions, thoughtless because you didn't think about how the behavior would look to someone (your girlfriend) who is not mature enough to not get jealous.