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Another word for crude

  1. In a natural state and still not prepared for use

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  2. Lacking in delicacy or refinement

  3. Lacking expert, careful craftsmanship

      1. Not refined in manners; uncivilized; rude; plain.
      2. Not elaborated, perfected, or completed:
      3. Lacking good manners, culture, or refinement.
      1. Crude or rough in form or workmanship
      2. Lacking refinement, culture, or elegance; uncouth, boorish, coarse, vulgar, etc.
      3. In a natural, raw state:
      1. Lacking polish or finesse:
      2. Regarded as being risky, dangerous, offensive, etc., often as a result of lacking in conventional social controls
      3. Coarse, as texture, cloth, food, etc.
      1. Being in a natural condition; not processed or refined:
      2. Not finished, covered, or coated:
      3. Inexperienced or untrained:
      1. Regarded as having changed little in evolutionary history. Not in scientific use:
      2. Not resulting from conscious thought or deliberation; unconscious or instinctual:
      3. Characterized by simplicity or crudity; unsophisticated:
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Another word for crude

  1. Unrefined