Sentence Examples

  • Raunchy styles are hard to pull off under your everyday clothes, so it's difficult to wear them all day and reveal them only when you're ready for them to make an appearance later in a striptease or passionate moment.
  • There are a few types of lingerie that could be considered especially naughty or raunchy by most, whether you embrace them and wear them all the time or shun them and wonder who exactly would wear such a thing.
  • Kiniki has so much in the way of men's raunchy underwear, they have to divide the choices into sections so that you can search by briefs, G-strings, pouches, tangas, thongs and see-through styles.
  • Wondering where to find lingerie so raunchy it's hard to wear underneath your work or date clothes, something that's nearly guaranteed to surprise and seduce while making you feel like a vixen?
  • Raunchy lingerie will take planning and in many cases, you'll have to insert one of those, "Let me put on something a little more comfortable" moments into your romantic, erotic evening.