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Another word for coarse


Another word for coarse

  1. Not fine or smooth

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  2. Of poor quality

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Synonym Study

  • Ribald suggests such mild indecency or lewdness as might bring laughter from those who are not too squeamish ribald jokes
  • Obscene is used of that which is offensive to decency and implies lewdness obscene gestures
  • Vulgar emphasizes a lack of culture, refinement, or good taste vulgar ostentation, or may imply indecency vulgar language
  • Indelicate suggests impropriety, immodesty, or tactlessness an indelicate remark
  • Gross suggests a crudeness or coarseness that is brutish or repellent gross table manners
  • Coarse , in this comparison, implies such a lack of refinement in manners or speech as to be offensive to one's aesthetic or moral sense coarse laughter