Sentence Examples

  • These two creeks form very deep, craggy canyons.
  • These are lovely venues, but choosing a gown with a full skirt when the wedding aisle will be a narrow path between hedges or along a craggy beach may be unwise.
  • From the railway from Moscow to Warsaw, on the high craggy banks of the Shchara.
  • Hence their line of trend, which like that of all the other strata is in a north-easterly direction, may be traced from hill to hill by their more craggy contours.
  • Thus far the road is easy, but at Michmash it descends into a very steep and rough valley, which has to be crossed before reascending to Geba.l At the bottom of the valley is the Pass of Michmash, a noble gorge with precipitous craggy sides.