Rough Synonyms and Antonyms

Hard to deal with or get out of
Marked by vigorous physical exertion
In golf, any unkempt part of the course
  1. tall grass
  2. weeds
  3. brush
  4. stoniness
  5. off the fairway
  6. fog
  7. jungle
  1. luxurious
Disagreeable to the sense of hearing
In a primitive state; not domesticated or cultivated; produced by nature
Not perfected, elaborated, or completed
To be rough or brutal with.
  1. Also used with up: knock about
  2. manhandle
  3. slap around
  4. mess up
With rough motion as over a rough surface
  1. roughly
Prepare in preliminary or sketchy form
  1. rough in
  2. rough-out

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