Sentence Examples

  • What you should avoid is using any type of cleaner or conditioning agent that is made with a citrus base or that contains citric acid, petroleum solvent, or any type of harsh abrasive material.
  • While granite is very strong, you may risk scratching the material if you use abrasive cleaning products or materials, such as scouring pads with metal components.
  • While it's ok to repeat a touch - or come back to it - going over the same spot can become aggravating, and what started as a soft caress becomes almost abrasive.
  • You may not be familiar with the newest product 3M Filtrete Water Station, but certainly recognize many of the other 3M products that range from adhesives, abrasive, healthcare equipment to a wide selection of other products.
  • Ziamond rings should be cared for just as any precious gem jewelry would be cared for: avoid harsh treatment, abrasive chemicals, and situations when the ring may become scratched or warped.