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Another word for pleasant

  1. To one's liking

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  2. Affording enjoyment

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  3. Pleasant and friendly in disposition

Another word for pleasant

  1. Affable

  2. Giving pleasure; said of occasions, experiences, and the like

  3. Encouraging pleasure; said of climate

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Synonym Study

  • Gratifying implies the ability to give satisfaction or pleasure by indulging wishes, hopes, etc. a gratifying response
  • Enjoyable implies the ability to give enjoyment or pleasure an enjoyable picnic
  • Agreeable is used of that which is in accord with one's personal likes, mood, etc. an agreeable odor
  • Pleasant and pleasing both imply the producing of an agreeable effect upon the mind or senses, but the former word stresses the effect produced a pleasant smile and the latter, the ability to produce such an effect a pleasing personality