Sentence Examples

  • This is especially fun to do over dinner or other convivial gathering.
  • Our convivial tasting group is composed of professional level collectors and/or imbibers: The type that has spent a lot of time, money and aspirin developing their palettes.
  • Many other forms of crown were used by the Romans, as the conqueror's triumphal crown of laurel, the myrtle crown, and the convivial, bridal, funeral and other crowns.
  • His songs are mostly written in the medieval quatrains (ferskeytla), and are generally of a humorous and satirical character; his convivial songs are known by heart by every modern Icelander; and although some of the poets of the present day are more admired, there is none who is more loved by the people.
  • Potare, to drink, poculum, cup), the convivial drinking which took place after a great banquet, accompanied by intellectual or witty conversation, and by music or dancing performed by slaves or attendants.