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Another word for holiday

  1. A regularly scheduled period spent away from work or duty, often in recreation

      1. A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee.
      2. A holiday.
      3. A fixed period of holidays, especially one during which a school, court, or business suspends activities.
      1. To go out of or away from:
      2. To go without taking or removing:
      3. To omit or exclude:
      1. A leave of absence or vacation, especially one granted to a member of the armed forces.
      2. A usually temporary layoff from work.
      3. A temporary leave of absence granted to a prisoner under special circumstances, such as the need to attend the funeral of a family member, or for a special purpose, such as participation in a work program.
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Another word for holiday

  1. A memorial day

  2. A vacation

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