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Another word for celebration

  1. The act of observing a day or an event with ceremonies

      1. The act or practice of observing or complying with a law, custom, command, or rule.
      2. The act or custom of keeping or celebrating a holiday or other ritual occasion.
      3. A customary rite or ceremony.
      1. The act of honoring the memory of or serving as a memorial to someone or something.
      2. Something that honors or preserves the memory of another.
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  2. The act of showing joyful satisfaction in an event

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  3. A large or important social gathering

      1. To strike with a heavy, crushing blow:
      2. To beat or assault severely:
      3. To criticize (another) harshly, accusatorially, and threateningly:
      1. To perform or execute; carry out:
      2. To fulfill the requirements of:
      3. To perform the tasks or behaviors typically associated with (something), especially as part of one's character or normal duties:
      1. An evening party or reception.
      1. A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement:
      2. A group of people who have gathered to participate in an activity:
      3. A group of soldiers selected for a duty or mission:
      1. An event or happening, or the time of an event or happening:
      2. A significant event, especially a large or important social gathering:
      3. A favorable or appropriate time or juncture:
      1. A festive occasion, especially a lavish social event or entertainment.
      2. An athletic competition, especially a swimming contest.
      3. Marked by lavish or festive celebration:
      1. A person's role or occupation:
      2. The physiological activity of an organ or body part:
      3. A procedure within an application.
      1. A festival or feast.
      2. An elaborate, often outdoor entertainment.
      3. An elaborate party.
      1. A joyous feast, holiday, or celebration; a festival.
      2. The joy and merriment of a festival or celebration.
      3. The proceedings or events of a festival.
      1. Something done or experienced; a matter or event:
      2. A matter of personal concern:
      3. A matter causing public scandal and controversy:
  4. An expression of warm approval

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Another word for celebration

  1. An act or instance of recognizing an occasion

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  2. Activities that accompany a celebration

  3. The celebration of the Mass

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