Sentence Examples

  • Veiling was ceremonial (1 Cor.
  • Ceremonial visit to the Duma at St Petersburg, and in this " neo-Slav " demonstration M.
  • The burning of the paschal candle still forms part of the Easter ceremonial of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The underlying conception shows itself under differing though not unrelated forms over western Asia, and in their light the question of religious and ceremonial dress is of great interest.
  • An even more complete and minutely detailed view of the sacrificial system is no doubt obtained from the ceremonial manuals, the Kalpa-sutras; but it is just by the speculative discussions of the Brahmanasthe mystic significance and symbolical colouring with which they invest single rites - that we gain a real insight into the nature and gradual development of this truly stupendous system of ritual worship.