Sentence Examples

  • From cups to streamers to cakes to invitations, there are dozens of licensed and specialized supplies available to turn any party into a High School Musical extravaganza.
  • If the women on this show, who are not unattractive, feel the need to compete for a plastic surgery extravaganza in order to feel worthy to marry their fiances, what message does this send?
  • When the mood is eerie, the soundtrack is great, as less attention is given to the music and it becomes more of a background hum, but embark upon a quest and the extravaganza of melody and harmony just unleashes an attack on your ear drums.
  • Produced by Irwin Allen, the producer behind Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and disaster movies such as The Poseidon Adventure, it was, for its time, a special effects extravaganza.
  • The most popular culinary event on Norwegian ships, however, is the Chocoholic Extravaganza Buffet, which features more cocoa than anyone could consume, from brownies and tortes to elaborate masterpiece cakes and chocolate-covered treats.