Sentence Examples

  • "He is, but he seems to find it entertaining," Jessi said.
  • A~u\~iirith new views on every subject relating to the exercise of power, he shrank even from entertaining the Rur~ slightest question relating to the distribution of power.
  • The noble houses of Gonzaga at Mantua, at Carrara at Padua, of Este at Ferrara, of Malatesta at Rimini, of Visconti at Milan, vied with Azzo di Correggio in entertaining the illustrious man of letters.
  • "I find it entertaining that you were willing to do whatever it took for humans you never knew, but those who knew you weren't willing to do the same," he said.
  • Mr. Clemens told us many entertaining stories, and made us laugh till we cried.