Sentence Examples

  • The global appeal of restorative justice is truly startling.
  • The bedroom is the room in your house where you are really supposed to be able to re-charge your batteries, where you can have the restorative rest you need and the calm and quiet you want after a long, hard day.
  • The premise is that once someone can control the relaxed state of being, he or she can then slip into a deeper restorative condition that, for many, is actually more restful than traditional sleep.
  • Several yoga DVDs feature short yoga segments--use these to come up with energizing morning sequences, such as sun salutations, and relaxing evening sequences, such as restorative poses followed by meditation or relaxing in corpse pose.
  • Many practitioners suggest practicing prior to traditional sleep, not only for the restorative benefits, but also for the potential of lucid dreaming and heightened awareness even while the mind and body are in a state of rest.