Sentence Examples

  • The wood is very heavy and hard, weighing 70 lb the cubic foot; the colour is dark brown; it is used in Spain and Italy for furniture, and in the former country for firewood and charcoal.
  • Between London and Birmingham a paper cable 116 m long and consisting of 72 copper conductors, each weighing 150 lb per statute mile, was laid in 1900.
  • We shall suppose they did it upon great consideration and weighing of the matter, and it would be very strange and very ill if we should disturb and set aside what has been the course for a long series of times and ages."
  • After the testing is over, the hard part begins; weighing and recording my compilations and comparing them to past exposure levels.
  • 38 in., weighing 102 lb; while a second, of which the length is 7 ft.