Sentence Examples

  • The treatment and management of Tourette syndrome varies from patient to patient and should focus on the alleviation of the symptoms that are most bothersome to the individual or that cause the most interference with daily functioning.
  • Even though Beetlejuice is a film about an obnoxious and bothersome ghost and the music is seemingly more appropriate for Halloween, the instrumentals on the soundtrack make the music appropriate for anytime of year.
  • These bothersome pests may take up residence on a stuffed animal, and to be sure that the stuffed dog is not harboring any fleas or ticks, apply a small amount of control powder to the toy after each cleaning.
  • Minor discomforts such as dry mouth or nose, dry eyes, dry skin, or itching usually go away as the body adjusts to the drug and do not require medical attention unless they continue or are bothersome.
  • Whether the person quits smoking all at once (going "cold turkey") or gradually cuts down on his use of tobacco, he will probably find that his symptoms are most bothersome during the first week.